Flood in Long Beach

I’m sitting in St. Helena, CA and Long Beach, where I live, is flooded. The 710 Freeway, parts of downtown and my first thought was: Damn, I’m missing out on some save-worthy Snapchat content. After the thought, I must reflect on what’s important to me and why we are where we are. I was taught early on if you don’t like where you’re headed than change. Sometimes easier said than done.

I used to struggle with then vs than and one day I decided that I’m going to fix this issue. 12+ years of public school and I should know the difference, but I only learned it when I valued knowing the difference. I’ve learned that I only change when I see the value in what I want to change.

I think I avoided writing because it’s one of my insecurities. Plus I only have a limited amount things to say and if I write about them all, then what will I say in conversations with others.

That is all.

Three days in a row!

Day 7: check

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