Why are we at war with Empty?

I bought a house, it has a lot of space. So I purchased furniture to fill up the space and walls. Then I bought stuff to put on the furniture, you know to express myself, but really to fill up the space. Now I need to buy art to fill up the empty space between the furniture…too express my self

I’m comfortable with empty space. I have no issue with plain walls. It’s peaceful to me.

We are all seeking “clarity,” but we continue to clutter our lives with stuff.

BRB, I need to go to Ikea to buy doors for a closet so I can hide the stuff that I bought that I’m going to use later.

Planning a Vacation in April

I was looking for a quick getaway for 4-5 days and so naturally I googled “best places to visit in April”. Two of the the top 10 places: Los Angeles and San Diego made the list. I live in Long Beach which is ~30mins from LA and an hour from San Diego. 

The challenges of living in SoCal even when you want to getaway it’s recommended to stay. 


Forgot my login

Why are there so many logins?

I continue to forget my login, because the complexity requirements of passwords.

What is secure enough to be a password.

What about my phone or implementing NFC into my laptop, so if my phone is nearby it can ask me to swipe my finger and instantly i get into the site I need to get into. Does that make sense?

Why do I need to remember 19 variations of my password because of some requirement an engineer thought would make something more secure.

“Let’s make sure we make the password super complicated so no one uses this novelty app”


Flood in Long Beach

I’m sitting in St. Helena, CA and Long Beach, where I live, is flooded. The 710 Freeway, parts of downtown and my first thought was: Damn, I’m missing out on some save-worthy Snapchat content. After the thought, I must reflect on what’s important to me and why we are where we are. I was taught early on if you don’t like where you’re headed than change. Sometimes easier said than done.

I used to struggle with then vs than and one day I decided that I’m going to fix this issue. 12+ years of public school and I should know the difference, but I only learned it when I valued knowing the difference. I’ve learned that I only change when I see the value in what I want to change.

I think I avoided writing because it’s one of my insecurities. Plus I only have a limited amount things to say and if I write about them all, then what will I say in conversations with others.

That is all.

Three days in a row!

Day 7: check

January 21, 2017

  1. Raining 
  2. Millions marched for the women’s march around the world 
  3. Trump Press Secretary scolded the journalists for not accurately representing how many people were at his inauguration. OK.  
  4. Aziz Ansari hosted SNL – Epic 
  5. Continued to rain
  6. Scoured the internet for a good movie to watch but couldn’t find one because I was looking for the perfect movie like Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris. Didn’t find it, so started watching the Netflix Original: A series of unfortunate event, was bored for a second so ended up on Facebook where I saw Aziz Ansari’s monologue on SNL posted, watched that and spent an hour YouTube. 
  7. The statement above is one of the reasons Donald Trump is President. Spent ~ 1.5hrs looking for something to entertain me. 

Two days in a row! 

Day 6: Check​

Tree fell from the rain in St Helena, CA. 


Donald Trump is now our President. If you asked me two years ago, “Do you think Donald Trump would be President?”. I’d probably laugh and say sure, it’s possible, not likely though.

Here we are.

Anything can happen in a couple years.

For that reason I am hopeful for what the future holds. We have a lot of work to do and President Obama was sort of this newspaper laid over all the mess that still existed.

“Racism is gone, we have a black president”

That is not the case and never was. We as individuals have to consciously make the correct choices daily to become better as a whole.

Day 5: Check

Post 2

So I’ve already failed at this goal, as I haven’t written anything for the past couple days. I could easily just backdate it but that would not accomplish much. Well it would give off the perception that I was consistent. But I wasn’t. I wonder what’s in our psych that we care so much about perception. “What others may think” Who are the “others” probably the same people that DJ Khaled refers to as “they”. Well let’s try this again.

Post 2: Check (but late).