Forgot my login

Why are there so many logins?

I continue to forget my login, because the complexity requirements of passwords.

What is secure enough to be a password.

What about my phone or implementing NFC into my laptop, so if my phone is nearby it can ask me to swipe my finger and instantly i get into the site I need to get into. Does that make sense?

Why do I need to remember 19 variations of my password because of some requirement an engineer thought would make something more secure.

“Let’s make sure we make the password super complicated so no one uses this novelty app”


Post 2

So I’ve already failed at this goal, as I haven’t written anything for the past couple days. I could easily just backdate it but that would not accomplish much. Well it would give off the perception that I was consistent. But I wasn’t. I wonder what’s in our psych that we care so much about perception. “What others may think” Who are the “others” probably the same people that DJ Khaled refers to as “they”. Well let’s try this again.

Post 2: Check (but late).

Post 1

I always wanted to write consistently on a blog. Starting a blog was always the easy part. I have plenty domains to choose from all with variation of my name. But I suppose no one cares about that as much as I do. So to build a habit I was going to tell myself, “let’s write a blog a week”, but that seems like too much of a commitment. I now have sold myself on writing one sentence a day. I clearly have surpassed today’s goal. If I do that I will reward myself with chocolate. Today I get a chocolate granola bar. 🙂

My only goal is to track my thoughts and improve my writing.

Day 1: Check.